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By: Staff Writers
November 14th, 2016

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Editor’s note: We will not be doing rankings this week, as we feel like rankings are useless once the playoffs start. Our four full-time writers will be picking the closest matchups in each region from each division in each classification. Here are our picks for 1A Division 1. 

Region 1

Happy – IIII

Meadow –

Advantage: Happy, four picks to none

Reasoning: Happy hasn’t just blown people out. They’ve blown great teams out. I don’t think many people don’t see this team as the best team in their division.

Region 2

Borden County – II

Buena Vista – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: This is one of the more evenly matched games around the state. Both teams have compatible strengths and weaknesses, to the point that we can’t declare an advantage either way.

Region 3

Zephyr – III

May – I

Advantage: Zephyr, 3 votes to 1

Reasoning: May has the better record, but we feel like Zephyr is more battle-tested and has played the better schedule.

Region 4

Union Hill – I

Abbott – III

Advantage: Abbott, 3 picks to 1

Reasoning: Abbott has two losses, but don’t let that stat faze you. The Panthers lost two early but have rattled off 9 straight so far. We don’t see that streak ending against Union Hill.

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