By Ashleigh Arnaud

Some great quarterbacks have come out of Texas over the years. Andy Dalton, Nick Foles, Drew Brees, and Robert Griffin III are among some of the best. There is an 8th grader from Azle,TX that wants to be among those men some day.

Ken Seals has done things that some players don’t ever get to do just in his 8th grade year. He is the quarterback on the National Champion select FBU team, the Academic All American Bowl, Team USA in the National Development Games, and Team USA in the International Bowl.

Ken Seals

Seals made the top 11 in the Nike/Dallas Cowboys Elite 11 High School QB Challenge and was the only one selected that was not in high school. Another accomplishment is that he became the only back-to-back national champion ever in the NFA Invitational QB Competition held in Canton, Ohio. At this competition there is a really impressive throw that goes above the cross bar, through the goal posts and into a net. Not to mention he is the 8th grade Advocare Texas State QB Competition Champion. That is a pretty impressive resume for a 14-year-old football player.

“Ken Seals is a fine young man, he is in our football program currently at Azle Jr High School in the 8th grade. He is a humble hard working young player with a bright future.  He has shown the ability to be a special player if he stays humble and hard working.” Devon Dorris, Head Coach at Azle High School, told us.

Ken Seals

We wanted to get to know Ken a little bit more so we asked him a few questions.

  1. What do you think helped you have such an amazing year?

I’d give a lot of credit to my QB coach Ryan Roberts getting me ready for all my competitions. He’s been training me for just over 4 years now and he’s been a big part in all of my success.  I’ve had a lot of support in my hometown, too.  All my football coaches, my speed coach Greg Sholars, and my parents have all been great supporters.


  1. Do your friends support you through this process?

Some of them don’t understand how much the game means to me and how much work I put in to play at the level I do. There may be some jealousy that I have to contend with, but my teammates have my back all the way.


  1. What are your personal expectations for next year?

This offseason I’ve been working really hard going into high school and I fully expect to have one of my best years yet next season.  I’m not sure at what level (freshman, JV, or Varsity) I will be playing but we have great high school coaches and I have to work as hard as I can. Learn the offense, and be ready when I get my chances.


  1. If you could choose where to go play in college where would it be?

I’ve always been a fan of TCU, but Ryan Roberts went to Baylor so he always makes sure to mention them whenever we’re training.


  1. What do you do for fun in between all your training and games?

Every now and then I go over to a friend’s house or play outside with my little brother, but my schedule is pretty full.  So far full contact football hasn’t stopped for me since the regular season ended with all the other teams I’ve gotten to play for.


  1. Who is your favorite quarterback of all time?

Probably Peyton Manning because of how smart he his and his ability to manipulate a defense.


We look forward to following Ken’s career and hope he leads Azle to their first state championship ever in the next four years.


Ken Seals