This was what it was all about. This was destiny.

I glance across the locker room, and there’s Jordan Shipley, Texas’ all-time leading receiver. He’s ready. I look all around me, and there’s this intense focus amongst all guys — a quiet confidence. You can feel it.

We’re going to win this thing.

All those countless hours running sprints in the West Texas heat — that was for this moment. All those early mornings I’d spent training and chugging protein shakes in front of our strength coach — about to pay off. And that decision I’d made, the one that had been scrutinized by so many people, to put off going to the NFL so I could stay in school for my senior year — well, it was about to be validated.

I’m the son of a farmer and a Texas high school football coach. To me, football is much more than just a game. In many way, it feels like what I was born to do. And heading into the final start of my collegiate career, I’d never felt more prepared, more composed and more certain of my abilities.

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