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By: Staff Writers
November 14th, 2016



Editor’s note: We will not be doing rankings this week, as we feel like rankings are useless once the playoffs start. Our four full-time writers will be picking the closest matchups in each region from each division in each classification. Here are our picks for 2A Division 1. 

Region 1

Stratford – II

Post – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: Stratford’s lone loss of the season was to Canadian, but we felt like Post has a strong offense that can make this a closer game than anyone might think.

Region 2

Mart– IIII

Seymour –

Advantage: Mart, 4 votes to 0

Reasoning: Mart is simply playing too well right now. Seymour is good, but they just aren’t on Mart’s level yet.

Region 3

Cayuga – I

Price Carlisle – III

Advantage: Price Carlisle 3 picks to 1

Reasoning: It’s hard to beat the same team twice in the same year. However, Price Carlisle is not your average team.

Region 4

Mason – I

Shiner – III

Advantage: Shiner, 3 votes to 1

Reasoning: Mason has been on fire lately, pummeling weaker opponents. Shiner has player stronger opponents closer, and is more battle-tested than their opponents.

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