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Football fans love to feel like they are part of the game and through playing fantasy football, they make that come true. However, it is almost impractical to expect a player to pull up the same numbers as he does in fantasy football. Over the years, there are players in fantasy football who have either been overrated or underrated based on how they play in real life compared to fantasy football. Below are some of the players who are overrated in fantasy football:

​Jameis Winston

There is something about playing alongside a great player that makes people think you are great. Well, Winston, a Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, has that kind of advantage. He makes passes to Mike Evans who is considered a great football player on the pitch. However, Winston has not been impressive throughout the last season. Despite the FantasyPros ranking him as No. 9 of all the quarterbacks playing pro, his stats from last season say otherwise. He was 23rd in completion, 27th in interception, and 21st in passing percentages. All these stats for the last season do not reflect his ranking in fantasy football which makes him overrated.

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​Jay Ajayi

For Ajayi, there is no middle ground when it comes to his performance. He either impressively puts up huge numbers or loses the game for his team. His role as a running back for the Miami Dolphins gives the team good and bad days. For example, last year, he single handedly ran 200 yards in three games. This is not a normal thing for any running back. However, on the flip side, he only managed to run 80 yards in one game of a total of 13 games. This was a poor performance despite the high ranking he enjoys in fantasy football.

​T.Y. Hilton

The Indianapolis Colts’ wide receiver, Hilton, rakes good numbers when it comes to yards. However, he is no threat to the defense which puts him as an overrated player in fantasy football. Fantasy football ranks him as a no. 7 among wide receivers. Even with that rank, no team in the league would want to trade their lower ranking wide receivers for Hilton. His scoring and catching rates are either average or low.

​Julian Edelman

He is a wide receiver with poor ratings in real life but fantasy football has him ranked at no. 26 of all the wide receivers. This is an overrated ranking bearing in mind that he only managed to score 3 times last season. However, fans see a totally different player despite his inefficiency on the field as a receiver. Try your luck and bet on American football this season and take advantage of the latest betting odds. But mind your bets and choose only reliable teams and players.

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​Tyreek Hill

He plays for Kansas City Chiefs as a wide receiver. His performance on the field is not that impressive. Fantasy football, however, does not seem to roll with this as he is ranked as one of the best receivers in the league, WR27 currently, as ranked by FantasyPros. When you look at his performance last season, you can only wonder how he has secured such a ranking. It is probably because of the few big plays and wonder plays he made that elevated him to the top in fantasy football. If he was ranked in terms of efficiency, he is nowhere near top 25 best receivers and hence, an overrated player thanks to fantasy football.


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