By Michael Florek

Last week at its legislative council, the UIL opted to study a split classification in 6A and 5A, meaning the two classifications would be split in Division I and Division II before district play, and presumably, the top two teams from each district would make the playoffs.

The simplest way to do this would be to rank all schools in enrollment, put the top half in the classification in Division I and the bottom half in Division II. If it actually happens it would surely be more complicated. The split might not be exactly at half. The cutoff numbers might change. Some schools might drop down a classification.

But right now, splitting right down the middle can provide a decent idea of what the districts were to look like if it would happen. Here is a look at a possible 6A Division I and Division II alignment for Dallas-area teams (and a few outliers which must be in districts with Dallas-area teams), using the current alignments as a guide. The cutoff for Division I would be an enrollment of 2,730.

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Photo by Garrett Caywood