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  1. Meeting The Head Coach For The First Time – In a lot of schools with a football tradition, the head coach can be deified, put on a pedestal somewhere between the President and Jesus. For many young men, just getting to meet the legend is an experience they won’t soon forget, some will hang on this man’s every word for four years.
  2. Getting To Wear The Colors For The First Time – There are no more petty rivalries about which Middle School is better, now you and your friends are all on the same team, unified towards one goal. You no longer have to wear an oversized jersey, now you wear the colors that your heroes wear.
  3. Being Told That You Made Varsity – Well, it’s here. You’ve arrived. You’re at the highest level of football that you can make in high school. All those years in the weight room or on the scout team have finally paid off, you’re running with the big dogs.
  4. Taking The Field For Your First Game – The excitement of the first game will never be equaled. It’s finally here, the season has arrived, it’s time to strap it up and give everything you have.
  5. Your First Loss – How could this happen? This wasn’t how it was meant to be, you were supposed to go all the way, and now it feels like that hope is completely and totally dashed.
  6. Winning A Game That You Weren’t Supposed To Win – If there’s more to life than this, it surely doesn’t feel like it. Whether the team was picked to win by three points or 300 points, an upset is an upset, and proving people wrong has never felt so good. Everyone is beyond happy, that coach that seems to just yell at everything is dancing, and the hope in the season is renewed.
  7. The Bus Ride Home After The Last Game – There isn’t much like this moment, whether you won or lost. If you go to a big enough school, you might not see some of these people in this bus again. The mood is somber, and some of the seniors are still crying, but you can’t help but feel proud, because you were a part of something positive, and bigger than yourself.


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