As we make our way through the off-season and kids compete in 7-on-7 to hone their craft, junior Jai Moore is no stranger to the grind of what it takes to get better. 

The Dallas Parish Episcopal receiver/defensive back has been tearing up the off-season circuits in 7-on-7 for PPT Elite to get ready for his senior season, when he looks to draw offers from some of his main targets — UCLA, TCU, Baylor, Princeton and Miami. 

Last season, Moore had 312 yard and five touchdowns. 

Moore recently discussed his love of the game with 

What drew you to football? 
I’ve always played as a kid. I really love the relationships and chemistry that you build as a team. For me, I love the technicality of the sport and the feeling of running a great route. 

What do you like better, offense or defense? 
Offense for sure. 

What do you love about elite 7-on-7? 
I love the high energy, and culture that is created in such a short time. The speed of elite 7-on-7 allows you to really work on your craft, and learn to read defenses- knowing where to go. 

What challenges you during the off-season grind?
Academics. Being at a prestigious private school like Parish requires more out of me both academically and athletically. The grind of the off-season really helps prepare me for the next level. 

What are the joys of it? 
The reward of seeing your efforts. It takes time to become great, so seeing it pay off in the hard work of off-season really makes it worth it.