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So coach, obviously 2016 was hugely successful for y’all. Y’all stumbled a little bit out of the gate, but took the state champion down to the wire in one of the best games of the 2016 year. What was the high point of that season for you?

Well, you know, I like that when we were doing our coaches’ evaluations, the thing that kept resonating was the fact that after the first game that we didn’t play like we should have, our kids came together and proceeded to get better every week. That’s what you hope for as a coach, we were playing at our best and we kept getting better and better every week and our kids grew on it, so it was a great life lesson. Our kids had a very, very good year. 

What did Abram Smith, the new all-time leading rusher in Abilene High history, mean to the program this year?

He lead by example. You know, he’s not a very vocal guy, but what you could count on from Abram was the fact that he’s going to show up to practice every day, he was not going to take any downs off, he wasn’t going to take any reps off, he made every rep count. His leadership by example was a great blessing. 

Going into the 2017 season, y’all lose a whole bunch of seniors. Who should we be looking out for in the upcoming year?

Well we do have a lot of people that we lost to graduation, but you know that’s what makes high school football fun is the way that you watch during an offseason, you watch the kids who are going to be the guy, it’s their turn to be able to step up into those roles. We’ve got huge offensive line holes to fill, of course defensive line, we’ve got lots of things that we have to fill.

But, Rae Millsap is one to watch. Terrell Franklin is another one to watch. Moses (Ruzoviyo) is going to be our running back, he’s going to have a great year for us. Wes Berry is going to be a player. Doak Holloway is going to be a player. Those guys, we’re excited about where they’re at. They’re in offseason right now working their tails off, and trying to be leaders for this group. 


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