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AUSTIN – McCallum has never done this before. It’s never been this far in the playoffs. It’s only had one undefeated regular season, but lost in the playoffs. It has a season where it didn’t win a single game (1958) and 20 seasons where it failed to reach five wins.

This year, though, the Knights are a solid 14-0. Its latest win against Texas high school football staple, Calallan. Led by coach Phil Danaher, it was expected the Wildcats would show how a blue chip becomes such.

Instead, the Charles Taylor-coached McCallum Knights took it to the Wildcats with a 20-7 win.

“They’ve worked hard for it [the victory of Calallan],” Taylor said following his teams win. “They’ve done everything they need to do, so they worked hard for it. They deserve it and we owe that to these kids.”

The Knights aren’t by any means a huge team. They have some big players in Jackson Masters, Mason Bryant and even quarterback Max Perez.

But when some look at McCallum, they seem to think size will play a factor in the game. That’s what Taylor thinks happened for the Wildcats.

“I think so,” Taylor said. “I think they looked at our size and thought you know, we’re going to be bigger and physical. But I mean, we’re small but our kids are physical.”

The defense has continuously stepped up, especially since some early season disappointments. Not that the Knights lost, because they’re still undefeated. But allowing 31 and 33 points in a span of three weeks.

Since, the unit has allowed 14 or less in eight of nine weeks. The one outlier, a 52-24 win over Terry.

Coach Taylor said the showing against Calallan was good, but he hopes it’s a sign for critics.

“All I hear is we haven’t played anybody,” Taylor said. “They’re talking about the opposing teams record. Well, there goes 13-0 going down right there.”

The team is feeling the love as well. It’s

“I like the Cinderella story, just because it’s motivation for us every single game,” quarterback Max Perez said. “They say that we weren’t meant to be or it’s just luck for us.

“No, it’ s not luck. It’s hard work, dedication and family. That’s what it is.”

The Knights get another chance to show they belong this week, with a matchup against the College Station Cougars.

Although the hard work has allowed people to see what Austin McCallum can do, coach Taylor doesn’t agree this is what people will know the school for. In fact, he insists it’s not a new thing, but a rebirth.

“I think it’s been on the map, I’m just trying to revive it,” Taylor said.

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