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Baylor was served another Title IX lawsuit on Tuesday night, which is the seventh lawsuit filed against the school.

According to The Waco Tribune, the new lawsuit filed claims that the plaintiff, a former Bears volleyball player, was drugged and raped by as many as eight Baylor football players. The plaintiff also said that there were photos and “at least one video” of two students being gang raped.

In the report, the plaintiff claims that these rapes were part of a systemic hazing process that would be considered a “bonding experience” for the players.

“These girls affected by this are seeking their day in court,” Muhammad Aziz, who represents the alleged victim, told the Tribune. “We thought about this a lot, and me and my client thought about it and discussed it. Eventually, we decided to proceed. Really, what we are seeking to enforce is just a safe education environment for the girls at the school.”

In a statement on Wednesday, Baylor University said that they had been working with Aziz for “many months” to come to a resolution.

Aziz also told the Tribune that they have sent a subpoena requesting further information from the investigation by Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton LLP, whose firm conducted a months-long investigation into the school’s response to allegations of sexual assault and failure to comply with Title IX. The investigation led to the firing of former head coach Art Briles and the resignations of athletic director Ian McCaw and former president Ken Starr.

Last week, the university announced “structural completion of the 105 recommendations related to the institution’s response to sexual violence and implementation of best-practice governance policies and procedures” which came from the Hamilton investigation.

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