Coming out of Texas as one of the most-sought after offensive lineman, Connor Williams will have April 26th circled on his calendar for the 2018 NFL draft.
The big man from Coppell High school left north Dallas as a three-star, second-team 6A All State recruit who would later become a Longhorn.
As a Big 12 athlete, Williams began his Texas career by starting all 12 games at left tackle, which made him an honorable mention All American.
His sophomore year, Williams emerged to one of the best tackles of last season with his strong run blocking and agility in the pass blocking game. He was a first-team All American his sophomore season after starting 11 games.
Although he was sidelined for the majority of his junior season, his off-season efforts, especially the combine, helped boost Williams’ draft stock. 
Here are some landing spots for Williams:
Denver Broncos
Round 1, 5th pick
Maybe the fifth overall pick is a little too ambitious, but if the Broncos decide to trade down in the draft, Williams could find his way to Denver.
With a new quarterback like Case Keenum and a strong running back like C.J. Anderson, Williams would be utilized almost immediately for the Broncos.

Indianapolis Colts

Round 1, 6th pick

The Colts are really scrambling for the best available player at this pick. If they see Bradley Chubb this late, they will go with a pass rusher like him.
But if there’s more quarterbacks that fall below the top-five, the Colts could take a safe pick with Williams at an ambitious sixth overall pick.

Chicago Bears

Round 1, 8th pick

To draft a linemen or a secondary specialist is the question the Bears will have to answer come April 26. They lost guard Josh Sitton in the off-season, so they will need to fill some holes on the line.
The Bears could ditch both those predictions and draft a linebacker, or the best available defensive specialist instead.

Oakland Raiders 

Round 1, 10th pick

Similar to the Bears, the Raiders need some added depth at the corner spot and at the offensive line. If there are some big name corners still available at No. 10, Oakland will likely draft a secondary member.
But, if they too feel ambitious with a tackle draft choice, Williams could be their target.

Buffalo Bills

Round 1, 12th pick

With Richie Incognito announcing his retirement, the Bills are more than likely forced to use one of their two first round draft picks for a linemen.
This team is in dire need for a quarterback, so if they were to get a gunslinger early, they might aim at Williams late in the draft.

Green Bay Packers

Round 1, 14th pick 

There might not be another lineman in the draft that fits the Packers more than Williams. They need consistency on the line, following multiple injuries they’ve faced on the offensive front last season.
The Packers want some help in the secondary, but why not play it safe and get a tackle early on?

Dallas Cowboys 

Round 1, 19th pick

Here it is, the thought to bring Williams home to Dallas. It’s not too far-fetched since the Cowboys need some depth at the line.
There’s been rumors on Dez Bryant being traded, but it seems like he will stay with the Cowboys. And with the addition of Allen Hurns, why draft a wideout in the first?
Williams would be an agile addition to the Cowboys and they might just bring the Coppell kid home.
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