This has been a great week for sports talk on Twitter and the good ol’ “inter-webs”. 

People often use these platforms as a way to express their opinions about a multitude of topics. For sports broadcasters and television personalities, the platform reaches an immediate audience and can generate some heated debates rather quickly. 

Monday Night Football

On Monday night, the country watched an old rivalry of NFC East opponents between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. 

The Cowboys were heavily favored going into this contest with one of the league’s top offenses, and the Giants, who are struggling against everyone, entered with a subpar 2-6 record. The Giants’ defense is young, and throughout the year has had difficulty shutting down teams passing attacks. 

On the offensive side of the ball, the Giants are average at best with tons of potential just around the corner. The problem with this Giants’ offense is they need to begin scoring touchdowns instead of settling for field goals. 

In the game of football, though, any team — high school through the pros — has to be able to put seven points on the board when you have the ball and not just three. 

Enter television sports personality Dale Hansen, of WFAA Channel 8 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Agree or Disagree? 

“I think the Duncanville offense is a great deal better than the Giants offense,” Hansen said, “and the Duncanville defense is a great deal better than the Giants defense.” 

So, just how great is high school football here in Texas? 

Last year in the playoffs against Southlake Carroll’s high-powered team, I watched as Duncanville dismantle the Dragons’ offense and seemingly score at will on a stingy defensive unit. 

Duncanville starting quarterback and Texas commit Ja’Quinden Jackson is having another standout year and has only gotten better since their run at the state title last year.

Having seen first hand how powerful Duncanville can be, there is no doubt that they are good. But NFL good?

The Twitter comments range from, Dale is an idiot to an overwhelming support for his statements and everything else in between. 

With the playoffs beginning next week, many of us will see these impressive teams show the public what they’ve got. 

Then, maybe we’ll have a little better idea of exactly how Texas high school teams are.

What are your thoughts about Dale Hansen’s comments?