More than 100 young people joined the ranks of those affected by the alarming “Silent Epidemic” this week; their families lost a son or daughter; but on May, 29, 2015, 340,000, these families celebrated the passage of  legislation that provides the victims’ school teachers the information and time needed to help students find and choose a route other than suicide. H.B. 2186 passed, and struggling students and their families in our state received hope.

Devastating loss has and continues to happen, but change and progress are being made.

H.B. 2186 is The Jason Flatt Act in memory of Jonathan Childers, the son of Fairfield Defensive Coordinator, Kevin Childers.

The legislation is something Coach Childers has worked on relentlessly to get passed so that no family has to experience what he and his family deal with constantly since Jonathan took his own life one day in August of 2013.

“As much as it hurts, when you lose your grandparents, it’s a cycle of life. It’s even harder when you lose your parents. But, the loss of a child,” he said, “the devastation that takes place with that, not just to the immediate family but to the school, to the community, to the people of a town, it’s tragic.”

For more information on how you can help a teen in need, go to the Jason Foundation website

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