Photo via Gordan Deloach
By: Kyle Spishock
October 17thh, 2016


1. Texas A&M — Last Week: 1 (6-0)

Why the heck was Trevor Knight wearing Oklahoma gear during A&M’s bye week? Call me superstitious, but I feel like there’s an unwritten rule that bans players from wearing their former teams’ merch during the regular season.

Hopefully, Kevin Sumlin sacrifices a goat or throws some salt over his shoulder before this weekend’s game against No. 1 Alabama; the Crimson Tide silenced accusations of being overrated after torching former No. 9 Tennessee 49-10.

2. Baylor — Last Week: 2 (6-0)

The Bears proved they’re the superior team to the Horned Frogs in the Big-12 by clobbering a Kansas team that brought TCU to the brink of an upset last week. Defensive coordinator Phil Bennett’s unit forced four turnovers against the Jayhawks and nabbed five overall. Once again, the victory doesn’t mean much, albeit another winning notch on Baylor’s winning track; the Bears opponents are a combined 9-28 this season — only Oklahoma State has a winning record.

Coach Jim Grobe has done better than expected with the recruiting limitations that he has to work with, and should have his interim title removed before the season ends.

3. Houston — Last Week: 3 (6-1)

Houston must be thanking their lucky stars that No. 8 Wisconsin and No. 9 Tennessee lost this weekend. For the second consecutive week, the Cougars struggled mightily against a lesser opponent, nearly losing to Tulsa and avoiding a second loss by a goal line stoppage. The 459 total yards is the most Houston gave up this season.

Upcoming Week 11 opponent Louisville also had their hands full against a hungry Duke team, slightly blemishing the importance of the Cougars’ sole challenging game on the schedule heading into the postseason.

Their fight song sounds like an intoxicated Black Sabbath cover:

4. TCU — Last Week: 4 (4-2)

The Horned Frogs looked questionable at best against a lousy Kansas team last weekend, barely securing the victory with a last-minute field goal that gave them the win by one point. It doesn’t get easier this weekend against No. 13 West Virginia — the best opponent TCU has yet to face and the currents Lords presiding over the conference.

A ‘W’ against Western Virginia would vault the Horned Frogs back into top-25 placement, and spark talks that the bye week righted the good ship at TCU, especially with a defense allowing 30 points per game. Kenny Hill should be able to control his interception problems against a Mountaineers team that only nabbed more than a pick in a game once this year.

5. Texas Longhorns — Last Week: 6 (3-3)

The Cyclones aren’t particularly good, and play like a gentle wind ruffling stadium artificial turf rather than the force that their name advertises. The struggling UT defense limited their opponent to two field goals and 280 yards — a far cry from the 532.7 total yards and 40 points Iowa State averaged the last three weeks.

The Longhorns gave up 52 plays for ten yards or longer in three consecutive losses; they only gave up eight plays for ten yards in this game. Coach Strong will need this next week against Baylor:

6. Texas Tech — Last Week: 5 (3-3)

7. UTSA — Last Week: 7 (3-3)

8. UNT — Last Week: 8 (3-3)

9. SMU — Last Week: 9 (2-4)

10. Texas State — Last Week: 10 (2-4)

11. UTEP — Last Week: 11 (1-5)

12. Rice — Last Week: 12 (0-6)