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By Sammy Joseph
August 9, 2016

They say high school is the best years of your life.

Maybe because you dont have to pay a mortgage and you are only stressed if you lose your Iphone.

I would say high school is the best years to develop your football skills as well. You have 4 years to allow your body to mature and become a sound football player.

If you are a skill position, lets say RB or WR, try playing defense as well. This allows you develop different skills on the field and a understanding of both sides of the ball.

For example, A Quarterback will benefit if he knows what the free safety is thinking in 3rd and long .

But what if he played Free Safety once before, as QB he would make better decesions and play faster.

Cam Newton is 6’5 , 245 lbs,  his leading TE, Greg Olsen is 6’5 253lbs. Cam maybe could have been a WR or a rush end with his frame.

All Im saying is this, dont limit yourself in your highschool years.

What If somebody told Cam Newton, Hey Cam, with your frame, you will only can play D-Line, that would suck and that coach would easliy be the worst football coach in American History, HANDS DOWN!!!

Take advantage of these years,  start now in training camp.

If you’re fortunate to play in college, its rare that you will play more than one position.

Work your butt off!!! Learn from your mistakes and you will have timeless stories to tell when its all said and done!