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TCU is a top 10 CFP team, even though they were considered a middle-tier team going into 2017.

TCU comes in at No. 8, a high ranking for a team who just lost to Iowa State. However, this isn’t every year, as Iowa State has two very impressive wins. The wins over TCU and OU (in Norman) grabbed the Cyclones a spot at No. 15.

The two Oklahoma schools met up in the top 11. Oklahoma State (7-1) grabbed spot No. 11 and OU was put at No. 5. The Sooners were edged by Clemson, who lost to Syracuse.

What Does This Mean For The Big 12?

The Big 12 is getting respect. Something most probably aren’t used to saying. Iowa State coming in at No. 15 is huge for the Horned Frogs as is Oklahoma State being No. 11. The Horned Frogs win in Stillwater will continue to gain strength should the Pokes win in Bedlam this weekend.

Iowa State is still has three difficult contests left on its schedule. Away games at West Virginia and Kansas State won’t be easy, but not impossible. Should Iowa State grab one of those, the Baylor game and possibly upset the Cowboys in Ames, we could be looking at an eight-win ISU.

But for TCU, it really needs to win-out. Wins over now No. 5 Oklahoma and Texas would definitely help the perspective on the Gary Patterson-led squad.

Oklahoma getting respect for it’s head-to-head win over Ohio State means the committee is actually going to take that aspect in consideration. Clemson has not looked good, and there’s a slim chance two SEC teams make it into the playoffs.

So Who Needs To Win For TCU?

In short, everyone but Oklahoma. Oklahoma State can’t take another two losses, as it would dilute the win for TCU. A Bedlam win over OU would definitely improve the Frogs win. Then, Iowa State needs to not lose. An Iowa State-TCU Big 12 championship would absolutely put the college football world into a frenzy. But it would give TCU wins over every Big 12 team, should they win the second round.

Being a top-10 team definitely means TCU controls it’s own destiny. In short, win and you’re in. There are plenty of scenarios that can play out in the next few weeks, but a Big 12 champion is unlikely to be left out unless Georgia and Alabama meet undefeated at the end of the season and even then, a lot has to happen.

The Horned Frogs will begin their climb back to the top four this weekend against Texas.


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