After two weekends of FBU camps in Texas it is time to do a review. I have participated in or watched a lot of sports camps, in my opinion this was one of the most structured and efficient I have seen. The TexasHSFootball San Antonio FBU camp scholarship winner was Randy Wistner, my brother, a sophomore from Nederland,TX, and the Austin FBU camp scholarship winner was Jared Pedraza, a freshman from Franklin,TX.

I wanted to know the camp from a player’s perspective so I asked them the following questions:

What was your reaction when you found out you won a scholarship to the FBU Camp?

“When I found out I was going to a FBU camp I was so excited because I had never been to one before, and when I heard who the coaches were I got even more excited.”-Randy

“I was extremely excited to find out that I won.  My first reaction was to text my Dad and he was so happy for me. I wanted to attend an FBU Camp”-Jared

What did you like most about the FBU Camp?

“The 7on7 was a lot of fun with competing against players you normally don’t see until playoffs. The coaches were really great too. They knew what they were talking about and they made sure I knew what I needed to work on by the time I left.”-Randy

“I really liked the level of knowledge our coaches had. They played at the NFL level and you know they know what they are talking about. On top of that I really liked that we had classroom time where we went over our performances. The film does not lie. They showed us what we were really doing and not what we thought we were doing. It helped me adjust and fix things on the next practice session.” -Jared

Who was your favorite coach there? 

“The DB coach, Justin Miller (Former NFL player & ’07 Pro Bowl) was awesome he taught us so much and we had a lot of fun with him.”-Randy

“My favorite coach was DB coach Will Poole (Former NFL player).”-Jared

What is the difference in FBU’s camp compared to other camps you have been to?

“The amount of reps you get at FBU camp was a lot more than other camps I have been to because you are split up into smaller groups, so you aren’t waiting in line behind 50 people at one drill. I really liked that.”- Randy

“The credentials of the coaches and the classroom sessions. If you were to ask my Dad, he says they care about your progress. He told me that Mr. Williams put the truth out there when we were in a classroom session and the parents were in the gym.”-Jared

There seems to be a pattern here, great coaches and great experience for the players. I also found out that not only do these guys get this amazing learning experience from NFL caliber coaching, but FBU invites literally hundreds of college scouts to each camp. One week after the FBU/San Antonio camp Randy Wistner got his first college letter of interest from Northern Arizona University (NAU), and an invite to their camp this summer. Coincidence…I don’t think so.

To conclude this review, I asked former NFL player and Co-Owner/Director of TexasHSfootball, Brian DeMarco his thoughts about FBU and football camps.

“We set out on a mission early on to collaborate with like minded companies that had a real value to our readers. There are literally hundreds of camps to choose from and all make claims to be the best. It puts parents in a tough position to decide where they are going to get their monies worth. FBU is a first-class organization from top to bottom, there is no other camp in the country that I would send my own son to”.








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