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In this day and age, it’s a pretty big deal to go undefeated. There are only ten undefeated teams left in all of Texas High School Football, and there’s a huge chance that we only end up with two. Undefeated seasons are celebrated, they’re normally heralded by claiming that the team in question had something that’s going to go down in the record books.

This hasn’t been the case with Gunter. Despite the fact that only one team has come within single digits of beating the Tigers, most haven’t been talking about them. Was it the fact that they were in a region that wasn’t expected to be good? Was it that we just kind of expect to see Canadian playing in state championships, and blindly assumed that they’d edge out Gunter? Was it the Tigers going down by 5 at half against the Wildcats?

Whatever it was, Gunter has been one of the last names on people’s tongues when they talk about undefeated teams, but there’s no doubt that the Tigers deserve to be here and deserve all the wins they’ve gained. They don’t have a particularly dominating side of the ball to hang their hat on, instead relying on a full team effort to win.

That total team effort is what gives them the edge over Boling in the eyes of many. It’s in the effort of players like Peyton Lowe, Dylan Jantz, Colten Enloe, and Colson Stovall. If Gunter is going to be in a game, they’re going to give it their best effort. That’s the Tigers’ style, it’s the only way they seem to know how to play the game: under the radar, and with great effort.


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