By Brian DeMarco Owner/Director TexasHSFootball

Baylor has been the talk of the nation the last few weeks, and none of it positive.  The fallout from it’s sexual-assault epidemic and allegations of cover up from the universities leaders has been a massive black eye on the university.

Over the past few years Baylor has experienced a meteoric rise to the top of the sports world. It’s football program went from being relatively obscure to being serious contenders for the national title. It seems it is yet another big time program that put winning ahead of it original mission.

In my opinion, the only thing that will save Baylor now is for the university as a whole to reflect on the original mission, and it appears that I’m not alone.  After all, Baylor University is part of the fabric that makes us Texans who we are.

Baylor’s history is Texas history, and its founders set the stage for what it means to be a Texan.

A few facts you need to know about about Baylor and the mission. Baylor was actually chartered by the last congress of the Republic of Texas.  Think about that one for a minute.  My fellow Texans will get it.  It is the largest Christian University in the world.  That’s right I said Christian and not Baptist, one of those is more important than the other.  The notable Sam Houston was not only the first to donate to the university, he was also baptized by Rev. Burleson right there in the Brazos river. (Rev. Burleson later became president of Baylor)

My point with sharing this history lesson is that Baylor University was founded by great Texans with faith in Jesus Christ.

These men (leaders) seem to overflow with honor and integrity.  What we need to understand today is that very same honor, integrity and faith is still attainable.  What has transpired at Baylor is unfortunately not new to the world of sports, but it can most certainly change.

The most important factor here in my opinion is faith. Faith that in God we will all find the answer to the problems at hand.  The founding fathers of Baylor understood this fact and apparently so does Baylor’s quarterback Seth Russell. When Coach Briles was fired Seth was actually on a mission trip to South America with 33 other Baylor athletes. He responded to the Baylor scandal like a man who understands honor, integrity and most importantly his faith.  Here’s what he had to say via his Instagram:

Baylor Seth Russell

“What an amazing experience these past few weeks have been. I, and 33 other Baylor student-athletes, have spent the last two weeks in Brazil sharing God’s love and pouring into children from Maceio and Rio de Janeiro. Through our sports, we were able to share our faith in hopes of changing lives, not just others, but our own as well. I can’t thank all who helped make this mission trip possible enough. I am forever grateful for my time spent growing with others, and ultimately growing with the Lord.

As we head back to Waco, I can’t help but think of all that has changed since we first left for South America. Although I was in a different hemisphere, the heartache was still immensely present. However, being in the environment I was, the Lord was easily able to remind me of how great He is.

We are broken. We are hurting.

But at the end of the day, we are His. With that gift alone, there is no reason to not overcome through these hard times.

My prayers for Baylor University are that we never forget that we need God as desperately on our best days as we do on our worst. We will overcome. We will become stronger. We will be who God has allowed us to be.”

In case you’re wondering, his response is the definition of great leadership.  It is a great display of this young man’s honor, integrity and faith in a God that can overcome all obstacles big and small.  I want to personally thank Seth for posting this and for demonstrating the great qualities of true leader.

Once I read this I felt hope for Baylor.  Hope that it can begin to heal.  Hope that any of the possible victims of any of the allegations can begin to heal. Hope that Baylor’s football team recognizes the true leader among them.