Photo via USA Today HSS
By: Sammy Joseph
August 19th, 2016


“Just win, baby!”- the late, great Al Davis.

Every football team in America is looking to do just that in 2016, and that is winning a championship.  The question for any team is, How do you develop a championship team?

Is it a no huddle offense? Is it bringing more pressure on defense? Is it controlling field position with a great kicking game? Before you answer these questions, be sure to have an in season strength program ready to go!

Here’s why: Before any play is called, success depends on having healthy athletes. Peaking at the right time and maintaining strength this season will come from the weight room.

If your team can’t win games late in the 4th quarter or develop injuries at the end of season, you have major issues. And let’s be honest, play calling is little different when your best guy isn’t out there on the battlefield.

Lower the volume and staying explosive in the weight room will help not only maintain power, but keep players confident. Having confidence in a contact sport is important. When a player knows that his strength program is serious about taking care of their body, you’ll get nothing but respect from the locker room.

So just win, baby, but make sure you’re winning in the weight room first!