Katy Breydan Boyd commits to Iowa State Cyclones

Katy (TX) linebacker Breydon Boyd made his decision one week ago, and Saturday evening, he revealed his decision to coaches, committing to Iowa State Cyclones.


Breydon Boyd does not lack confidence, but in the week or so leading up to his weekend trip to Iowa State, a pit sat in his stomach.

The 6-foot-4 Boyd, who is regarded at the 19th-best inside linebacker in 2017, and the fifth-ranked in the Midlands, can hit with the best of them. But as this big moment awaited him, those fear-defying tendencies gave way.

“Butterflies, man, butterflies,” Boyd said of the week-long feeling that has consumed him. “I was really excited and I was kind of nervous at the same time. That’s a whole different chapter of my life, it’s another four years.

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