As many of you know by now, Zach Evans is enrolling at TCU.

Does this mean the saga with him has ended or will it continue?

It was a bit of a surprise landing spot for many. TCU wasn’t on his top 5, and wasn’t on the radar when his recruitment was wide open. There’s a lot to digest here so let’s get to it

 As I mentioned, TCU wasn’t a top school for Evans. This just confirms what we already knew about schools backing away from him. The 5-star running back had always been trending to SEC schools, and he was even open about wanting to play in the SEC.

He has even said that he wants to play at a school known for putting out NFL running backs, and had a chance to win a National Championship. While TCU does develop talent well, it’s not known as a hot bed for National Championships and 1st round Running Backs.

 The journey for Evans hasn’t been uneventful everywhere he’s been. From being benched for the state championship game to backing out of his NLI at Georgia and schools not even recruiting him anymore. Something tells me it’s not over just yet.

 Gary Patterson is not the type of head coach who will put up with antics from his players. Evans must understand he needs to really make things happen at TCU. With all the drama that has happened so far, if he continues here, his chances of being an elite college running back fall dramatically.

A lot of big schools had already stopped recruiting him anyway.

 Evans landing at TCU can be very beneficial for both the player and program.

Let’s first look at the benefits for TCU.

 What did TCU have to lose with the addition of Zach Evans? They get a chance to land their highest ranked recruit in program history on top of what was already a good recruiting class.

The addition of Evans gives TCU a top 25 recruiting class for 2020 that followed a good class in 2019 as well.

Recruiting can really gain from momentum. With the addition of elite talent, and good recruiting, more talent can become attracted to TCU as a landing spot. The Horned Frogs had two first round picks in this years NFL Draft, and Gary Patterson has proven to be a developer of talent.

 That leads me to benefits for Zach Evans. TCU might be just the place the elite running back needs to get his career going in the right direction. Gary Patterson runs a great program and this could benefit Zach off the field greatly. If he doesn’t stay on track, I have no doubt Coach Patterson will do what he has to do.

 We all know the Big 12 as being the “passing” conference, but TCU can play defense and likes to run the ball.

Zach can be a huge contributor right away and help this team tremendously as a highlight player. There’s enough talent on this team to complete at a high level, Coach Patterson has done it with less.

If the North Shore Running Back comes to work, stays focused, he can get where he wants to go at TCU.