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Sports agent Erik Burkhardt just might be the hardest working agent in the biz!   Burkhard who previously cut  Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel from his client list is pulling out all of the tools in the toolbox to create what can be one great Cinderella story.  The talent is there, but the questions remain.  Can Johnny truly put the past behind him, and be the stoic representative of an NFL franchise QB’s are expected to be?  Perhaps the better question is can an NFL team put Johnny’s past… in the past?  Time will tell.

What we do know is that Johnny Manziel appears to be all business these days.  In an interview today with ESPN he talks about his journey and how he’s looking forward to using The Spring League to get him back in the game.

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For more information on The Spring League click here.  Here’s the basic info on The Spring League.

  • The Spring League is an elite developmental league & scouting event for professional football talent.
  • All teams in The Spring League utilize the same location, for both practices and games, allowing NFL scouts, GM’s, and player personnel directors with an opportunity to evaluate players in one setting.
  • Nearly all of the players who participate in The Spring League have spent time on an NFL active, practice, or pre-season roster.
  • The Spring League consists of four games, two per team, played in April. The 2018 Spring League season will be played in Austin, Texas, from March 28-April 13.

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