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Johnny Manziel was back in the news as he made a court appearance in Dallas. The former Texas A&M and Tivy High School quarterback was trying to get a misdemeanor assault charged dismissed. Manziel was charged with misdemeanor assault, after his then girlfriend accused him of kidnapping, beating and threatening to kill her during a fight back on January of 2016.

Since then, Manziel has been cut by the Browns, seen his NFL career go up in flames, been photographed numerous of times partying in Miami, had a Canadian Football team work him out, and now trying to get back on an NFL roster.

While in court, Judge Cañas gave the former Aggie quarterback a harsh reality of the opportunities that are given to him saying “Not everybody who comes through here gets this kind of opportunity, because right now, you’re in charge of what happens to your case.”

“If you decide not to follow the terms of the conditional dismissal, then basically what you’re saying to me is that you either want me to make a decision about your life, or you want six people whom you’ve never met to make a decision about your life.”  (Dallas News)

The 24 year old free agent does have his entire life ahead of him. And, when asked about where he’s at in his life right now, saying, “Everything has been going extremely smoothly and my life is trending upward,” Manziel said, “so I don’t even want to let this get anywhere near the rabbit hole that you were describing. This situation is in my hands. … I need to get my life in order. These are the things I need to do.”

While he was leaving the courtroom, Manziel did say “I want to play football.” He was on a TMZ Sports video answering questions about his workout regimen in preparation for a comeback saying, “I’m doing good, I’m working out, right now on five to six (days per week).”

He also praises new San Fransisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan saying, “I’m a big Kyle Shanahan guy.” Maybe the 49ers could take a chance on the former Heisman Trophy winner by inviting him into training camp. With the potential departure of Colin Kaepernick the team will be in need for a backup, when the 2017 season begins.

Manziel has a lot of football left in him. If he can get his life put into place, and get picked up by an NFL franchise, the possibilities are endless for him to live up to his potential that followed him after he left College Station.


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