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I’ve got one. How does the Garrison Johnson transfer impact both Frenship and Manvel this season?

It makes Manvel infinitely more formidable, for starters. The Mavericks already have an absolutely stacked team coming back, and with Johnson, they’ll have a bruising running back to go along with it. They’ll become even bigger title favorites.

This will likely really hurt Frenship, though. You can’t just replace a guy like that, I think Johnson was critical to their success. Manvel would’ve likely had the talent in place already to be fine. Frenship will be fine too, but it hurts them more than it helps Manvel.

Best college football uniforms 1. Of all time 2. Currently

Of all time is really difficult, there’s a lot of great ones out there. I’ll go with Texas’s iconic burnt orange and white look for that part of the question.

The second part is a tie, and this is all personal preference. Chrome helmets have come a long way since Oregon debuted them in the Rose Bowl, and I’m a huge fan of when TCU goes all-black with the purple chrome helmets and when Baylor goes all-forest green with the gold chrome helmets. Both of those looks are criminally underrated in terms of new uniforms, they have the perfect amount of flair and flash combined with sensibility. They’re fresh, but not overboard.

Least favorite college football fight song?


[inhales deeply]


Best musician from Texas not named Slim Thug?

Buddy Holly.

Should I make a blue apron tonight or just heat up this Chile Verde?

Heat up the Blue Apron, compromise is the name of the game.

Best entree selection at Applebees when going the 2 for $20 route on a date & is adding a dessert the the proper gesture?

Don’t go with the burger or the chicken fingers, anything else is probably fine. You’re smart, you’re sophisticated, but you’re at Applebee’s because you likely don’t have much money to go anywhere else. That’s fine! It’s okay to not blow the bank every time you go out to eat. You just have to make that first impression as good as you can, and getting the burger or the chicken fingers is a bad move.

Always add dessert. Even if the date goes bad, hey, you have dessert!

What is 60+9?

I didn’t go to school for math. In fact, it took me three times to get past College Algebra. Something about numbers just doesn’t work in my brain like it should.

I truly wish I could help with this conundrum, but I cannot. Good luck in your mathematical endeavors.

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