Photo via Troy Wayrynen, USA Today Sports


When penning the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson coined the phrase “All men are created equal.”. But at 6’3”, 222 Lbs. Anthony Hines III shows that clearly some men are more “equal” than others. What is even more impressive than Hines’ incredible size is his ability to move that size around. Hines’ 40 has been clocked at 4.67 and every second of that speed shines through in his Senior Season highlight tape. Hines’ closing speed and raw athleticism rivals that of a lot of linebackers in the NCAA right now and based off these two things alone it wouldn’t be surprising to see him competing for a starting job early in his collegiate career.

Watching film on Hines is particularly enjoyable because on tape Hines’ you see something that can’t really by measured by any number or statistic. You can see the hunger he possesses on any given down to make a play. His internal drive to win is “Tebowian” at times, even in compromising positions he finds a way to make the down end positively. The physicality in his play makes him a great fit into the Aggie Defense and will help combat the slew of powerful running backs that are currently in the SEC. Hines also shows a natural football instinct, he can stop on a dime and has shown he has the ability to make split-second adjustments in the heat of battle. His film room work seems to be paying off as well, he seems like he knows a lot more about what’s going on during a play than other athletes his age.

Sometimes though it seems like Hines tends to lean on his raw athletic ability too much and loses focus on his technique. This is not uncommon at the high school level though because a lot of time players can simply out power someone using better technique, but this will not be the case at the next level. Players will catch you out of technique and will burn you for it at the first opportunity. I’m thoroughly confident though that this trait will be coached out of Hines by Texas A&M linebacker coach John Chavis.

In summary, I think that Hines III is a big get for the Aggies. It’s exciting to see an already great athlete with such a still incredibly high ceiling. With his internal drive it hard to see Hines to do anything besides improve throughout his college career. Get ready for Hines III to be a household name in a couple years.


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