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Coach David Beaudin returns in his second year at the helm of the Nolan Catholic football program with a team whose youth in 2016 should translate into invaluable experience that gives Nolan Catholic a running start heading into the 2017 season.

As the transition of Coach Beaudin and his staff commenced last season, it was a drastic change for the program that had won seven state titles from 2004-2013 as new faces, new philosophies and new traditions were incorporated into a program that had been at the top of the TAPPS DI summit for so long.

Nolan’s struggles were apparent on the field last year as the team went 3-8 over the course of the season but towards the end of the season Nolan seemed to experience some on field growth through several ways. One of them was defeating their district rival, Bishop Lynch, who would later go to win the TAPPS DI State Title.

Nolan also saw progress even through their losses as the average margin of victory for their opponents was reduced to 4 points in their last three losses as opposed to the 26.2 points average in their first five.

Nolan came just short of a playoff victory against Brownsville St. Joseph last year as an interception on

Nolan’s last drive of the game ended their season on a heartbreaking but hopeful 38-35 loss. “Early on it was a struggle…but I say by the end of the year those guys really started to buy into the way which we practice…We are flying around. We are trying to be fast, live fast, practice fast and that was a change for them but they bought into it,” said Beaudin in regards to his team towards the end of the season last year.

This year has Beaudin in high hopes as he continues to see growth in his team and has been pleased with the way the team has been performing since practice began for them last week and saw some hopeful and defining signs in the first week of camp.

“We came back from week one and I’ve coached at multiple colleges and different places and that was the best first week of camp in my career… and I do know this. I’m with a group that is going to fight for one another. I know we are going to face some adversity this year and at least we are with a group that’s going to pull for one another.”

“We are going to be tested week-in and week-out! There are zero weeks off. We have to make sure we rise to the challenge each week and we have a group that wants to do that and is prepared to do that,” said Beaudin.

Beaudin feels as though the team defensively will be as stout as they come especially along the front lines but that they will have to be well conditioned and continue to be gritty and relentless as they look to neutralize their depth issues and keep competing on a weekly basis.

“We have some good front line talent, but right now we have to find some depth at some positions. We do lack some depth so we have to stay healthy and we are cognizant of that in the way we practice so that we stay healthy,” Beaudin expressed. “The biggest thing is that we have to be competitive in every single game…It’s a challenge each week but we should be in every single game and fighting to win every single game. “

For Beaudin, his second year will be one of continued growth, optimism and progress as he holds the keys to a proud program that he looks to return to the top through faith, hard work and the will to succeed while developing his players to be young men of faith and character. Beaudin strives for his players to be the best students they can be and to use football as a vehicle to set expectations and goals high for them inside the classroom, on the field and in life.

Beaudin has his team coming together and knows that adversity awaits them but he wouldn’t have it any other way as the standard at Nolan has long been one of high expectations from students and staff alike and Beaudin intends on keeping it that way in every aspect of the program and with the players.

“It’s a challenge but there is no reason why we can’t be at the top of the pack, there’s no reason this year. Our goals are pretty high…we have to have high expectations. I have to have them for myself and certainly for the program. We’re looking to do big things!”

Nolan Catholic opens their season on Sept. 1 at home against Richland.

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