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Any questions about how Wolfforth Frenship would be handling their first Spring Training practices was quickly answered by new head coach Jay Northcutt. “They’re eating it up,” he said, “I still get questions like ‘do we get to play another opponent in the spring?’ and I gotta break it to em and say ‘no, we just gotta play against ourselves'”.

The Tigers went 5-6 in the 2016 season, but showed signs of improvement throughout the season as talents like big running back Garrison Johnson, linebacker Scooter Garcia, and wide receiver Camdyn Caravelli made their names noticed across West Texas. Their style in 2016 was slower-paced than the offense Northcutt normally runs, but the transition is smoother than expected. On Thursday, a series of slower, get a first and move the sticks plays were abruptly interrupted by two back to back 75 yard touchdowns.

“I’ve been real proud of their (the players) commitment to really be working on the things that we’re asking them to do,” said Northcutt.  “A lot of this stuff is different for them, it’s not really the style of football on offense or defense that they’ve been used to playing, but they’ve really bought in and I think they’re having a lot of fun with it. They’ve made great improvements just in the couple of weeks that we’ve been working.”

The journey to fall success won’t be easy for Northcutt and Frenship. They have a very tough district to get through, something Northcutt is looking forward to playing in.

“They call this the ‘Little Southwest Conference’. I think every week we’re going to have a tough opponent, I know we are. I know they’re going to be very, very well coached, I know that they’re going to play with a certain level of toughness.”

No, life won’t be particularly easy for Northcutt and the Frenship Tigers, but all there is to do at this point in the year is wait and train for the regular season.

Frenship will kick off the 2017 season against El Paso Montwood at the SAC in El Paso on September 1st.


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