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The Davis family owned Raiders are now on the move again as the franchise that has been moved from Oakland, to Los Angeles, then back to Oakland, are now leaving for Las Vegas to start the 2019 season. A move that shocked some, but in reality this is just another play from an owner who is living up to his late-father’s legacy.

The Raiders have treated Oakland like the friend-zone boyfriend since their inception in the league. When they moved to Los Angles in 1982 it was because the team wanted a new stadium. Then, when LA wouldn’t give them what they wanted, they went back to the loving, and accepting, arms of Oakland when they fixed the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum.

Then, there was the flirtation with San Antonio in 2014. Even with talks from Al Davis son, Mark, Oakland still showed up and supported their team. After those talks fell through, Mark wouldn’t commit to Oakland and kept up the charge to move the team; despite the surging success of the team on the field and the fans selling out the Coliseum.

And then on March 27, the Davis family got their wish as the NFL approved the move of the Raiders to Las Vegas because the city will build what they so desired since 1982: a brand new stadium.

Oh, and about those fans who always thought that the pretty NFL franchise was going to settle down with them and stop flirting with anyone else? Yeah, they got the short end of the stick and will be left in the dust.

But, don’t worry Raiders fans. The team has up to two more years of them playing in Oakland while the new stadium is being built in Vegas while your breakup happens. Davis is committed to bringing a Super Bowl title, and he’s really is being beaten up by the move.

“I have mixed feelings; it’s very bittersweet,” Raiders owner Mark Davis told after the announcement was made Monday. “I understand [Oakland fans] will be angry and disappointed. I want them to know that I do understand that it’s emotional. Raider Nation is the greatest fan base in the world and we’re going to build something to make them proud. “But I also want them to give as much support to the team as possible as we attempt to bring a championship to the Bay Area.” (ESPN)

See, he understands why you would be angry and disappointed by the move. And, he knows that Raider Nation is the greatest fan base in the world. And he’s going to to build something to make them proud!

That something is the giant stadium in Vegas, and that “something to make them proud” is really something that his dad would have loved and that makes them a ton of money.

The move of the Raiders stinks for everyone involved. It puts the team and its coaches in a tough spot. It makes the fans not want to invest their money in the product. And, it shows that the only thing that really is cared about by owners is one thing: money.

But, as the old saying from Mark’s father Al goes, “Just win baby.” And, the Davis family finally won. It’s just a shame it had to come at the expense of fans who have seen their team get ripped from them once before, only to have it happen again.

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