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Cibolo Steele lost two games in total last year, both against the two most dominant programs the UIL may have ever seen. DeSoto and Lake Travis went on to claim a share of the 6A title, while the Knights fell on their sword against the Eagles in a thrilling championship watched by tens of thousands of fans at Cowboys Stadium. This year, Steele is looking to sharpen their weapons of winning ambitions with a retooled offense returning a large arsenal of offensive starters.

Receiver Onyx Smith hopes to use the momentum and seek vengeance in the title game; a championship trophy has eluded Cibolo since 2010. Smith grabbed 801 receiving yards for eight touchdowns last season; without star quarterback Xavier Martin, the junior receiver may also start as the team’s gunslinger.

We sat down with Smith and talked about his approaching final season with Steele, the values of leadership and his love of art.

Choice quotes:

(On coach Saenz’s first year as HC) It’s been good. Coach Saenz has taken on the role real well. I’m proud to have him as our coach and to still have one of the coaches we are familiar with. Our system isn’t brand new or anything.

(On coach Lehnhoff leaving the program this spring) We didn’t hear anything about it, there was no time last season or even around state. It was recently… maybe a couple of weeks before it actually happened that he told us as a group.

(On what coach Lehnhoff told the group after the State championship defeat) He told us that it was going to be a learning experience and of course he would have wanted to win the state championship. We all wish we could have done that. But, he also understood that it was going to be a great learning experience for us. Now that we actually went there as a team, it gave us an opportunity to understand what it took to get there.

(On playing receiver or quarterback) I love playing receiver. That’s my main position that I would love to play. Also, I would love to play quarterback. If that’s the position the coaches need me to play to have a successful season and hopefully make it to state, then I’d be willing to do that. I’m willing to do whatever it is for the team.

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