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Every year, former NFL head coach Jon Gruden takes a few quarterback prospects, meets them, talks to them about life, then attempts to go in-depth with them about football strategy.

Yesterday, it’s Whitehouse’s very own Patrick Mahomes II that sat down with the former coach. Here are some highlights from the interview snippet.

  • Patrick Mahomes can throw a football around 65 yards with ease.
  • Mahomes was drafted in the 37th round of the MLB Draft by the Detroit Tigers out of high school.
  • Patrick Mahomes can throw a football around 60 yards from his knees.
  • On a play against Oklahoma, he read the situation and trusted himself and his receiver to make a play on a chance ball. Mahomes has become famous for these, and he definitely shows the knowledge and understanding of the game to calculate those risks.
  • Because of this, Gruden’s big knock on Mahomes is consistency, which is an understandable knock.

The full interview will air tomorrow, Wednesday on ESPN2, and will likely be made available for everyone to watch anytime at some point after.


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