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By: Staff Writers
November 21st, 2016


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Region I

Post – III

Abernathy – I

Advantage: Post, three votes to one

Reasoning: Post got a huge upset win over Stratford last week, and we’re looking to them to continue riding their upset wave.

Forsan – III

Anson – I

Advantage: Forsan, three votes to one

Reasoning: Anson’s 9-3 record might be a tad inflated, as they got to play Hawley and Hamlin and times that were beneficial to the Tigers. Anson is good, don’t get us wrong, we just thing that right now Forsan is a little bit better.

Region II

Windthorst – I

De Leon – III

Advantage: De Leon, three votes to one

Reasoning: Windthorst struggled with Bosqueville, whereas it doesn’t seem like De Leon has struggled with anyone in the playoffs so far. Records mean little at this point, but it’s still a good indicator of how a team is playing currently.

Crawford – I

Mart – III

Advantage: Mart, three votes to one

Reasoning: This is one of the higher-profile matchups across the state. We think Mart comes out on top by a very small amount of points.

Region III

Centerville – II

Lovelady – II

Advantage: Push

Reasoning: It’s time for Round 2 between these teams, with Centerville taking the last game 29-21. We’re split on the issue, mainly due to how hard it is to beat a team twice in a year and how well Centerville’s been playing as of late.

Price Carlisle – IIII

San Augustine – 0

Advantage: Price Carlisle, four votes to none

Reasoning: We think the dream season for Price Carlisle continues for another week.

Region IIII

Normangee –0

Mason – IIII

Advantage: Mason, four votes to none

Reasoning: Mason already holds the unquestioned best mascot in Texas, the Punchers. After this weekend, they’ll also be in the Regional championship.

Refugio – IIII

Ben Bolt – 0

Advantage: Refugio, four votes to none

Reasoning: Similar to Bremond, there isn’t an amount of money you could pay us to pick against Refugio.

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