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Jonesboro – II

Borden County – II




Borden County is one of those teams that pops up in the state title discussion every single year, whether they’re a preseason favorite or not. You absolutely cannot count them out in any game. The Coyotes had an overtime win over a good Buena Vista squad in the opening round of the playoffs, and most recently beaten the tar out of an incredible Happy squad. The victory over Happy is arguably the most impressive victory in all of six-man football this season.

However, they’re going up against a Jonesboro team that’s been excellent in close games. The Eagles beat Zephyr and Union Hill in their last two games by less than a possession, and despite a minor defensive slipup against Avalon, they burned through their regular season schedule.

Borden County’s running game is the reason they made it this far, but we don’t think the Coyotes can manage to get into a close game with a Jonesboro team that has not just lived but thrived in close matchups all year. Hunter Jones has been more than excellent this year for Borden County, but he’ll have to make it a huge blowout, otherwise there’s no telling what this Jonesboro squad can do.

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