Photo via Jackie Chilek, Wharton Journal-Spectator



Gunter – III

Boling – I


Gunter, three votes to one


Man, Boling has some studs. Vernon Jackson is just a big human, ready to run you over from his position at quarterback. Boling in general is tough to stop on offense, then when you add in the closest thing that Texas High School football has to Cam Newton, they become nigh impossible to keep out of the end zone.

Jackson has put up incredible numbers for Boling this year, and has ran through most defenses that he’s faced this season. This week, against Gunter, will be one of the biggest tasks that Jackson has faced so far.

It seems like a bit of an oxymoron, but there hasn’t been a quieter undefeated team this season than Gunter. They haven’t struggled with dominating wins so far, I just think that everyone got so zeroed in on the other great teams in 3A Division II that they flew under the radar. They definitely aren’t under the radar anymore, especially after beating an excellent Canadian team how they did.

Gunter has a strong running game as well, a running game that we think can take Vernon Jackson off the field for just long enough. Both of these teams are very evenly matched, and it’ll make for a fantastic game.

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