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At this point in time, just about every single team that won a title has their State Championship rings, and as you probably already know, every ring has a unique design to fit each unique team. While all of these designs are good, because there is no bad design for a ring that’s given to the winner of a 64 team playoff, some of these designs are definitely sleeker than others. So, let’s revive the Power Rankings and rank these rings.

5. Lake Travis

The Cavs have a lot of experience with getting new jewelry, so the really basic design is kind of a letdown. It’s still pretty sleek, and the Lake Travis logo is very quickly becoming iconic, but it’s still a tad underwhelming compared to the others on this list.

4. Highland Park

I’m a huge fan of color in your rings. The more, the better. Highland Park hits a good note here, especially with the four bigger rocks denoting the Scots’ four total championships. The big “1” in the Texas state design is a nice touch as well.

3. Carthage

Carthage’s ring is a classic, not strikingly gorgeous, but still a solid ring. The color in the logo is great, and as always, I’m a huge fan of the uniqueness of using the stones to denote your championships. It’s just a good all around ring, old school with a bit of new school flair.

2. West Orange-Stark

Once again, the color in these just pops. Another one of my favorite concepts is the color of the stones in the trophies, if the blue in the actual ring looks anything like those pictures it’s going to look great.

1. DeSoto

Oh yeah. You knew this one was coming. Everything about this ring is great, from the shape to the stones down to the colors in the logo. DeSoto’s green and gold is unique in a state where it seems like nearly everyone uses black, red, or blue, and it’s a welcome aesthetic change. All of these rings are solid, but this one is my favorite by far.

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