By Jonathan Hutcherson

A major part of a strength coaches job is to have their athletes performing well on the field. Yet, one aspect you may not think about is injury prevention.

At all levels of competition around the world prehab training is implemented. If athletes want to remain healthy and performing well then work in corrective movements. The purpose is to address your bodies’ weaknesses while mitigating the likelihood of injury.

There are no certainties in sports and injuries are never 100 percent avoidable. If you play long enough then chances are you will experience an injury. An effective prehab training regimen will promote functional movement patterns. The plan is to keep you out of the trainers room.

These exercises will address any postural or mobility concerns and any muscle imbalances. Corrective exercises do not need a large amount of time dedicated to them either. You can work them right into your existing strength and conditioning programs.

Proper prehab training looks at your previous medical history, movement patterns and postural concerns. Your running mechanics, balance, jump landing patterns, and strength will also get tested. Strengthening your weaknesses allows each athlete to perform well and avoid severe sports injuries.

On and off the field we are all looking for an edge on the competition. Any athlete of any level will benefit by using corrective exercises a few times a week. Throw some corrective movements in your plan and the results will show.

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