With just six months until another exciting season, this when juniors begin preparing for their final days under the Friday night lights. 

Princeton standout Dillon Moncier is no different.

For the past few seasons, Moncier, who plays defensive back, has been grinding it out with coach Jordan Pugh and PPT Elite’s 7-on-7 team.

Last year, Moncier had a team-high five interceptions with two being returned for touchdowns at Princeton, and he currently holds an offer from Concordia. His top five schools, in no particular order are: Oklahoma Baptist, Tarleton, North Texas, TCU and Texas A&M.

Recently, the multi-sport track and football athlete shared his perspective on his upcoming senior season. 

What is it that draws into the game of football? 
The contact. I love the opportunity that football gives me, and the opportunities I have to let go of frustrations in a controlled environment. 

What keeps you engaged in the sport? 
Coming off the field on game days, and seeing the little kids in our community. Their faces, smiles, and the hi-fives. Being able to be a good role model for them on, and off the field. 

What do you like about 7 on 7 and spring ball? 
The competition, speed of the game, coaches, and learning how to cover better. The field is shorter, you only have 7 offensive guys to defend, so it forces you to get better in your coverage skills. 

What part of the daily grind challenge you? 
It’s a mental challenge for sure. It really test you mentally, and a lot of kids I grew up with in youth, and middle school ball quit because they couldn’t handle the mental side of the grind. 

What do you enjoy most about the grind? 
The results. Both physically and in my performance on the field. To be able to see the hard work pay off… there isn’t anything like it. 

What advice would you give to underclassmen?
Stay humble. Enjoy it. Have fun with it. One day you’re a freshman, and the next day you’re prepping for your senior year. Time flies… so enjoy the ride.