By Sammy Joseph
July 14, 2016


Summer is a great time to vacay, but also a great opportunity to make strides in your game.Your strides can be even bigger in the pool!

Because of time availability during the summer, overtraining is a issue and a setback.

 With 70n7 every weekend, satellite camps across the nation, and strength training, Recovery must be essential this summer, use the pools to regenerate your body.

As you develop as a football player, small details in your training will improve your game on the field. Catching extra balls, running more routes, staying later to work your pass rush is great.

If you want to be good, you are doing yourself a great service by doing extra, but you are human and need to recover appropriately to make sure your training develops you to an elite level.

With that said, find the closest pool, here’s why.

Swimming in the pool will improve your breathing, core stability, and will provide less stress on your joints. If you’re in a no huddle offense and have to run good routes every play, improving lung capacity will give you an edge.

Lineman, you guys are dinosaurs!  You’re in the trenches every play, your joints are screaming! Shut them up by jumping in the pool.

Football player’s bodies have to be able adapt during training camp, the actual season, and also the playoffs if you’re lucky. Do what elite athletes do and make the small details in your training count.

Make sure to jump in the pool during your offs days and after hard workouts. It will help you progress in your workouts and rejuvenate your mind and body.

So work smart and find a pool, your body will thank you for it!

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