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Bobby Brown is an absolute behemoth, the massive Arlington Lamer defensive end stands at a height of 6’5” and weighs an incredible 270 pounds. For not even being in his Senior year yet, Brown is already just as big as many of the players at his position at the next level.

Brown is a strength coach’s dream as they won’t have to put that much weight on him over the course of his first year in college. But after watching film on Brown, I have to say that his size is only one of the factors that makes him a sure shot for the next level.

After his size, the next thing I noticed about Brown is that he has great field awareness, many plays you can see him read the back and alter his course to cut him off at the line of scrimmage. Awareness is something that can’t really be coached and most players either have it or don’t, and Brown definitely has it. Brown also has great foot speed relative to his size, it’s not too common to see big guys chasing down a small back in the open field. Along with his awareness and speed, Brown also shows exceptional strength, when brown gets both of his feet in the ground any offensive lineman is going to be hard pressed to move him.

But like any recruit, there is always room for improvement. While Brown does have great awareness, it is sometimes to a fault. Some plays it seems like he gets caught up in watching things happen instead of being actively engaged in the action. He will surely learn how to balance this out in his senior season, but if It goes unfixed, it could give coaches a wrong perspective. Brown also needs to be careful with arm tackling. Due to the combination of his long arms and upper body strength he is able to drag down ball carriers at this level, but in college it’s a whole different ball game and backs will run through those arms like a turnstile.

Ultimately, Brown will be able to find success at whatever program he ends up at. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to me if his current offer list grows from 5 it’s currently at to over a dozen by the end of his senior season. He is a huge recruit with even larger ceiling, can’t wait to see his senior year unfold.


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