Photo by
Brandon Evans
August 2, 2016

Too many athletes these days I see just going through the motions. They come to practice or training and are just there because they have to be. It is a privilege to play sports that many take for granted. Take pride in your training! On the field, court, in the weight room, it should always have a purpose.
My favorite example is baseball. I love to watch teams catch play in pre game. Playing catch takes place during almost every practice, at every level. There is no escaping it, yet I see players unable to handle the ball all the time. Feet are stagnant, there is no effort to block arrant balls, and there is no tempo. No wonder they average 3 errors a game. If these players took pride in their catch play everyday their game would improve. When you make a bad throw warming up, it’s not okay. When you miss a pick, it’s not okay!
Baseball is not the only sport guilty of this. Going through the motions is common among athletes. Start training and practicing with a purpose. Every step you take should be with the intention of making the team and yourself better. Average is just as far from the top as it is from the bottom. Don’t work to be average, work to be on top!

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