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The Texans are pretty far back in the draft order to snag a top quarterback prospect like Patrick Mahomes, but they’re apparently still holding on more than a small amount of hope. A report came out today that Bill O’Brian absolutely loves Mahomes’s skill set, and that might mean that the Texans trade up from their spot at 25 or hope that he falls to them.

Now, this doesn’t mean that he will absolutely go to the Texans, especially with other teams very interested in him as well. The fact remains that the Texans need another quarterback that brings them what Brandon Weeden and Tom Savage can’t, and after Romo left the NFL for CBS that quarterback will almost definitely have to come out of the draft. The Texans have worked out Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson as well, so they’re definitely interested.

The odds that Mahomes makes it all the way to the Texans are lowering each day though, more and more teams are falling in love with his massive arm and mobility, and see him as a project. The Texans could use a project, especially after they just wasted millions upon millions in Brock Osweiler’s brief tenure as the starting quarterback.

There’s not really any way for the Texans to actually snag Mahomes without trading up. The Jets have shown lots of interest in the gunslinger from Texas Tech, and they’re picking sixth. Drew Brees is aging rapidly, and the Saints could potentially look for a replacement. The Texans could still go with another quarterback, like Trubisky or Watson, but Bill O’Brian’s reported love for Mahomes could push them into a situation where they trade up.

Regardless, the Texans need a quarterback. Tom Savage is adequate, but he isn’t up to par with the rest of the team, which has seemed like they’re just one quarterback away from challenging for the AFC for the past few years.


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