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By: Nick Alvarado
October 10th, 2016




Strawn topples Gordon – After a 28-22 victory against Gordon in one of the oldest six-man rivalries, Strawn remain in the top 15 in the poll while Gordon fall to #22. With district closing in, both teams will be making noise.


But, how?? – With a below .500 record, Guthrie reamins in the rankings at #21. Many fans may say that they should be out but with the Jaguars at one of the playoff contenders in District 8-1AD2, they will remain in the rankings


Here come the forfeits – A total of three forfeits took place across the state this weekend. Patton Springs may be done for the season with injuries,  Lohn had to cut their game short against Richland Springs due to an injury and only had six players, Harrold might also be done for the season with injuries as well. It is sad to see these teams cut their season short.