By Ryder Burke

Texas State’s football team faces uncharted waters with a new coaching staff as it approaches the 2016 battles ahead.

When predicting how these men will do, some will let judgments be determined by the 3-9 record last year. Others will stay hanging by a pinky from the 2014 season record of 7-5 and cry for the injustice of the two potential bowl appearances being stripped from Texas State’s fingertips, and wonder what advancement the new staff would have brought to the program in the time since.

No matter what concrete evidence and statistics some might look up from seasons past, this is not the same team anymore. The new coaching regime not only changes physical schemes and personnel, but the intangible nature of a team’s intrinsic motivation. Willpower cannot be measured, but this team is seeing a maturation of it. Texas State football players have a different force driving them from within with new head coach Everett Withers.

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Photo by Tom Reel / San Antonio Express-News