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By Warren Schorr @wschorr
July 20, 2016


If someone has an idea on how schools can increase attendance, they should let administrations know and they would be able to make a lot of money. For the fifth consecutive year college football attendance has dropped. In 2015, average home attendance for Division I FBS schools was 43,496 down from 44,190 in 2014 according the NCAA college football attendance statistics.

For SMU and Texas State, they are trying to get fans in the seats. Both schools have plenty of tailgaters, but they have trouble getting those tailgaters into the stadium. SMU has the Boulevard and Texas State has the spots around Bobcat Stadium. Last year Texas State averaged 14,087 people down from 19,785 in 2014.

So how will Everett Withers get attendance back to 2014 levels and higher?

“We are on social media, going to sorority and fraternity groups, visual aids on campus and student appreciation during our spring game.” Withers said. “Building a connection and allowing the fan base to have ownership over the program is big and they have to be proud in Texas State football and you can’t exclude fans.”

Chad Morris on the other hand knows winning is the key to bringing fans to Gerald Ford Stadium. In 2015, the average attendance was 19,595, which increased from 18,797 in 2014.

“We have to put a product on the field that people are proud to support and we did that and are in the process of doing that. Getting the student body interactive and let them know we need them to come to the games after being on the boulevard.” Morris said. “Larry Brown has proven that you can win and building excitement is key. If you feel like you have ownership in SMU football you will come support.”

Withers and Morris both agree that ownership is key in bringing fans to the stands and in their first and second year on the job, they look to bring it to their fan bases.