By Sammy Joseph
July 22, 2016


August is around the corner, offseason workouts will be over.

The preparations in the weight room, 7 0n 7 tourneys, the satletilite camps all enhance football skills but the preparation for training camp is a different beast!

Separating yourself from the competition, making the coaching staff notice you in training camp is the goal.

Heres the deal with training camp, your body gets tired, your minds gets tired. Full pads every day, battling for a position, having a insane focus every practice can take a toll on you.

Taking care of your body in training camp is a must!

Ice bath after practice and strecthing as much you can will help with soreness that comes with training camps. It will help you feel fresh and feel good about going for the interception, because you will have fresh legs.

Now the mental stress, do yourself a favor and RELAX!

If you prepare this offseason the best you can RELAX! Everything will take care of itself. Take off the mental stress by knowing your playbook and understanding your role on the field.

Ask your coach questions about the play called, take time and watch film  before and after practice. This will help with your confidence on the field and allow you to play fast!

Now the Texas summer heat you cant watch film on, but you can HYDRATE yourself. Muscle cramps are a real thing and you can’t play fast or even compete on any level if you dont hydrate.

So if this is your first training camp and even if you are a 5 star recruit, it all applies to every football player.

And enjoy every minute of it! Go hard every play! Get better every practice!