If You're Not Assessing You're Guessing
by: Ryan White

Using the Box Squat Versus Using the Box to Teach the Squat
by: Trey Yocum
Why I Use Single Leg Movements
by: Brandon Evans

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Make Habits, Not Excuses

by: Brandon Evans | September 13
Photo via Redline Athletics By: Brandon Evans (@train_gain_retain) September 13th, 2016   Too often I hear athletes make excuses.... more
"Is My Kid Ready to Play Tackle Football?"

by: Sammy Joseph | September 1
Photo by wpyf.wayzatafootball.com Sammy Joseph September 1, 2016   Football is an exciting game with an amazing culture, and youth... more
3 Ways to Recover After a Football Game

by: Sammy Joseph | August 31
Photo by athleticstandard.com Sammy Joseph August 31, 2016   How do you perform at a high level in week 10, just like you did in week... more
QUICK TIP: Glute Activation

by: Brandon Evans | August 31
Head Trainer Brandon Evans talking about the importance of glute activation. Quick Tip Tuesday 💪🏼✔️💯 #redlinepf #glutes... more
Are Texas QB’s Ready for Kick Off?

by: Sammy Joseph | August 22
By:Sammy Joseph August 22nd, 2016   The spread offense has spread across the country like wild fire. The double moves, the long... more
3 Ways To Keep It Simple With Youth Athletes

by: Brandon Evans | August 20
Photo via Redline Athletics By: Brandon Evans August 20th, 2016     Everyone wants the most they can get out of their training.... more
Why In Season Strength Programs Help Win Championships

by: Sammy Joseph | August 19
Photo via USA Today HSS By: Sammy Joseph August 19th, 2016     “Just win, baby!”- the late, great Al Davis. Every football... more
The Importance Of Glute Activation

by: Brandon Evans | August 18
Photo via USA Today HSS By: Brandon Evans August 18th, 2016   Working with young athletes daily it is evident that kids do not know... more
The Coaches Never Ending Tool Box

by: Brandon Evans | August 11
By Brandon Evans August 11, 2016   As coaches we have to keep up on current research in the fitness industry. The day we think we... more
Why Football Players Should Play Multiple Positions

by: Sammy Joseph | August 9
Photo by scout.com By Sammy Joseph August 9, 2016 They say high school is the best years of your life. Maybe because you dont have to pay a... more
Three Summer Olympic Sports That Can Help Improve Athletic Ability

by: Brandon Evans | August 8
Photo by rio2016.com By Brandon Evans August 8, 2016 “I want to be a better athlete.” I hear it all the time. Who... more
Maintaining Ankle Stability

by: Trey Yocum | August 6
Photo by usafootball.com by Trey Yocum August 6, 2016 Ankle injuries are one of the more common injuries in team sports. Most of these... more
Taking Pride In Your Work

by: Brandon Evans | August 2
Photo by bloggingboutbaseball.mlblogs.com Brandon Evans August 2, 2016   Too many athletes these days I see just going through the... more
Importance of Recovery in Strength Training

by: Trey Yocum | July 23
Photo by rawness.se By Trey Yocum July 23, 2016   When training for strength, more is not always better. Our bodies adapt to the... more
Training Camp Survival Guide

by: Sammy Joseph | July 22
Photo by desdemonadespair.net By Sammy Joseph July 22, 2016   August is around the corner, offseason workouts will be over. The... more
Plyometrics for Football Success 

by: Jonathan Hutcherson | July 22
Photo by nfl.com By Jonathan Hutcherson July 21, 2016   All young athletes want to reach the professional level, but are you willing... more
Weight Training for Offensive Linemen

by: Will Devine | July 16
Photo by 247sports.com By Will Devine July 16, 2016   In American football today, on-field training and weight training go hand in... more
Quality Over Quantity is Your Best Bet in the Weight Room

by: Brandon Evans | July 15
By Brandon Evans A competitive mindset is a quality you can find in almost all athletes. Everyone wants to win, and everyone wants to be... more
Recover Faster In the Pool

by: Sammy Joseph | July 14
By Sammy Joseph July 14, 2016   Summer is a great time to vacay, but also a great opportunity to make strides in your game.Your... more
How Much Weight Should I Use?

by: Trey Yocum | July 13
By Trey Yocum As coaches we all too often, receive the same question. “How much weight should I use?”  The answer to this... more
The Importance of Good Coach-Athlete Communication

by: Ryan White | July 11
By Ryan White July 11, 2016   The more time I spend as an educator of athletes, the more I realize how precise I need to be with my... more
How to Stay More Consistent in Your Training

by: Ryan White | July 11
By Ryan White July 11, 2016 It is easy to get caught up in our busy schedules, and let all the moving parts get us off track.  As we all... more
Quarterbacks Can Improve Throwing By Developing a Stronger Trunk

by: Sammy Joseph | July 6
By Sammy Joseph Quarterbacks face pass rushers these days that run like deers and look like transformers. It’s war for QBs out there... more
Finding Success in Failure

by: Jonathan Hutcherson | June 30
By Jonathan Hutcherson What is failure? Is it dropping a potential touchdown or throwing an interception? Is it missing the game winning... more

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