Photo via
Trey Yocum
October 25, 2016

There are countless variations for the squat. One variation is the use of a box. There are a few different goals you can meet when using the box. Two major goals are as follows. You can use a box to teach the squat or you can use it for a “box squat”.

When using the box to teach the squat we can give the athlete a reference point, or something to aim for. As they squat they reach for this point, tap, and come right back up. Using the box can teach them to reach a specified depth. It can also teach them to reach their hips back.

Using a “box squat” can have a different meaning. When performing a box squat the athlete will sit on the box causing them to pause in the bottom position. When using the box to cause this pause they are no longer able to bounce out of the bottom. They must generate all force from a stationary position.

When performing either of these variations it is important to pay attention to technique. After the athlete touches or sits on the box some will rock forward. This shifts all the weight to the knees and does not allow us to develop the hips.


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