The National Football League was well represented at Waco High Thursday afternoon, as alumnus and former Dallas Cowboys kicker Lin Elliott presented a golden football to the Lions.
As part of the 50-year anniversary of the NFL, a golden ball is given to each high school that saw an alum participate in a Super Bowl.
Waco High’s Elliott won a title in 1992 with the Dallas Cowboys, a 52-17 beating of the Buffalo Bills and undoubtedly a major highlight of the kicker’s four-year career.
Elliott’s message wasn’t of his own accomplishments, but what can be gaineded with commitment and hard work.
“The NFL and Wilson is really making a push to honor these high schools that grew people, in this case, someone like myself,” Elliott said. “When I sat in your seat 30 years ago, there are still some things that are still consistent. It’s kind of amazing to me and brings chills to me. These guys and girls have made a commitment to the city of Waco and what they’ve done for this school for thirty something years really touches me.”

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