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By Brandon Evans
August 8, 2016

“I want to be a better athlete.”

I hear it all the time. Who doesn’t want to be a better athlete? Athletic ability comes over time, some have it at an early age, and some never have it. One good way to speed up athletic development is to play several sports. Below is a list of sports I think can improve athletic ability.

Soccer- Soccer is great for all ages. Youth athletes who have a young training age can develop a lot playing soccer. All you need is a ball and some cones. Soccer teaches foot/eye coordination teaches body control in space. Soccer has aerobic endurance benefits that keep the circulatory system healthy.

Badminton- Like soccer, Badminton has an aerobic endurance aspect to it that improves health. Badminton is also a fun way to develop hand eye coordination. It requires split second reactions and body positioning. Great sport for anyone looking to become more athletic.

Mixed Martial Arts- MMA is one of my favorite sports. It requires body control, poise, patience, and coachability. Martial arts involves a level of discipline that translates to all aspects of life. The emphasis on breathing and core stabilization is great for all athletes.

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